The Bertha® End Retention Roll Shutter systems are the ultimate hurricane protection offering premium and superior protection above all other systems. Roll shutters can be installed outside or can be built in when building a new house leaving them virtually hidden.

Bertha® ER Roll Shutter roll into am enclosed box which is installed above the opening when not in use. When they are in a closed position the provide hurricane protection as well as protection against forced entry or theft. This shutter system can operated with an electronic motor or also manually with a hand crank.

Other Features

  • Tracks are slimmer & stronger than any other roll shutter system.
  • Small bundle size as compared to other systems.
  • Do not require special maintenance.
  • Operates with almost no noise.
  • Approved by the Florida Building Code.
  • Tested by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • Come colors: White, Beige, Ivory & Bronze


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