Bertha™ HV™ Accordion Shutters are considered one of the best shutter systems in the market today. They are offer superior protection against any storm or hurricane, easily can be folded open compactly in just minutes, they remain installed all the time providing protection all year round and saving you storage space.

Bertha™ HV™ Accordion Shutters are made of aluminum which require lubrication and cleaning on an yearly basis to keep them operating normal. They can be installed on windows, doors and patio openings of any size and can lock from the inside or outside for more security and protection. Bertha™ HV™ Accordion are tested and approved by the Florida Buidling Codes (FBC) on High Veolocityy Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

Features & Benefits

  • Fits and looks good.
  • Increases value of property.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • No storage space needed.
  • Available in 4 different colors.
  • Semi-closed position to provide shade.
  • Provides complete privacy.
  • Code approved.


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Bertha™ HV™ Window is an additional feature to the Bertha™ HV™ Accordions which give visibility to the outside and allows light in. They are impact tested and appdoved also by FBC for Non-HVHZ and HVHZ. Can take up to 5 windows per shutter blade, are siginificantly clear and can be installed on your existing shutters.